Mick's MAME Arcade Controls (page 5)

More work on my MAME cabinet (continued from Page 4).
Created on: Sunday 09 April 2006

Cool! The new dual Playstation2-to-USB adapter arrived in the post from Lik-Sang.
I previously bought a single PS2-USB adapter but when it comes to dancemats you need to make sure that the joypad is mapped to buttons rather than digital axes or you won't be able to do up and down or left and right at the same time - an essential dancemat move!
Now we can play 4-player Gauntlet II for the first time - players 3 & 4 use the Playstation controllers. Dancemat testing soon! See the stepmania dancemat controllers page for more info on suitable adapters.
More re-wiring! The extra buttons for Quit (ESC), Pause (P), Menu (TAB), Coin-1 (5), Coin-2 (6), Player-1-Start (1), Player-2-Start (2) are now mounted on a Dremmelled sheet of plastic
Wiring complete - the buttons are wired to a section of old floppy drive cable so it can be easily disconnected/reconnected
Monitor shelf and supports cut back to follow bezel profile
I needed some additional space to attach supports for the new control panel...
...erm, just like this!
Now I need a handy way to hold it in place - then I can move my hand! Also, the rear edge needs shaping to fit the curvature of the bezel
The panel will stay put on its supports if not disturbed but I don't want to fix it down. I need to be able to remove the panel for maintenance
These batons provide plenty of support but they'll get extra reinforcement when the panel is boxed in. There's a lot of woodwork involved so I'll be doing that later on - I need better weather to get the table saw out in the garden as my shed isn't big enough!
Allright! Control-panel rear edge curved to fit snug up to the bezel and held in place with a couple of knock-down blocks that hook over the back of the supporting batons. The panel can be lifted out for maintenance
Another pic - I'm very pleased with the results. Just for information: it's been a couple of weeks since my last bit of proper woodwork due to holiday, flu, and planning NLUG meetings so I've planned every tiny detail in my mind over and over again!
And now the kids can play Frozen Bubble again

I talked to Jono Bacon of LugRadio this week and he recons it's a good idea to bring the MAME cabinet to LuGRadio Live 2006. Matthew Walster of NLUG/Loughborough LUG also offered help with the transport so it's probably all go ahead!

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