Mick's MAME Arcade Controls (page 4)

More work on my MAME cabinet (continued from Page 3).
Created on: Saturday 25 March 2006

So this past week I've ripped out the old keyboard controller board - a task I've been putting off due to all the time I put into the first two sets of wiring!
I mapped the new keyboard matrix and wired in player one joystick and one button for starters.
Last weekend I did a lot more woodwork. Some batons at the top to add stiffness to the structure and hold the marquee panel.
The front edge profile was finalised and cut. Here's the marquee panel in place. You can see the pull-out keyboard drawer
Lots of use of the router round-over bit!
...and lots of sanding.
A vast improvement on the un-cut boxy-looking cabinet of the previous week.
Today I made a new control panel from 1/2" MDF. This means rewiring everything again but it needs doing.
BTW: the game on the screen is Galaga!
All controls screwed in place and keyboard controller located. Just after taking this picture I dropped the whole shebang on the floor...
Aaargh! I broke one of player one's microswitches! Calm down, don't panic... maybe superglue will hold it. Well, it's drying as I type this so I guess I'll find out later.
OK, just finished rewiring the new panel and it's all working fine... apart form that microswitch I broke :( -- I'd better start seeking out a replacement.
The wiring is really neat and tidy now I've done it several times!

This week I put in an order for another USB - PlayStation2 controller adapter - this one works with dancemats and handles twin controllers. I haven't yet decided whether to mount external USB ports or just PS2 controller ports - I'll wait 'til I get the double dancemat working first!

Last week I got the idea of taking the cabinet along to LugRadio Live 2006. It runs Linux (currently Kubuntu Breezy, previously it ran Knoppix HDD install) and I'm sure there's plenty of folk who'd like to play 4 player Gauntlet II! My main concern is transport and storage: I'll have to give it some thought and discuss it with the LugRadio guys.

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