My name is Michael Erskine and TecSpy.com is my domain. I've been playing on the interweb since about '94 (when Netscape was first released!) and I've had this domain since 1999.

I live in Sherwood, Nottingham, UK with my partner Dawn and our two daughters, Ruby and Lily. Here in Nottingham I work as a Software Engineer for an electronics company and my day-to-day work is quite varied: enterprise Java systems with a lot of custom TCP/IP work, embedded C systems with a lot of communications protocols, etc. My history of programming is firmly rooted in C on Sun workstations and all told I prefer to write in Java and Perl for GNU/Linux platforms. I especially like interfacing with hardware and software in innovative ways and I write a lot of testbeds for systems under development. If you think you might want to employ me, drop me a line!

At home I enjoy solving and collecting twisty puzzles such as the Rubik's Cube and the Megaminx. I have a large section of the site dedicated to this pastime. I've been a skateboarder since Sept, '77 and I like to get out and skate with my friends at Middle Age Shred jams and events. In recent years I have been involved with Nottingham Hackspace and I'm proud to be one of the founder members. This involvement has opened up a world of creativity and I have started to build and play stringed musical instruments!

Catch you later, Mick.

Server Move! Be patient

Hi, thanks for visiting! I'm in the process of moving my domains to new hosting (thanks Roger!) and so everything is offline until I restore it nicely. Just drop me an email if there's anything you need urgently, or perhaps use WayBack.


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